Mary Clark

Mary Clark is the visionary Founder of Agents of Discovery, a gamified way of encouraging kids to be active, engaged, and learning. With over 25 years of experience in education and technology, Clark serves as Agents of Discovery’s Chief Executive Officer. A dynamic leader, she has spearheaded a wide range of national initiatives in the public and private sectors, including the Canadian Centennial of Flight and the Trudeau Family Kokanee Glacier Alpine Campaign. In BC, she organized a huge linear park initiative – the Mission Creek Greenway – and catalyzed the reintroduction of the anatum Peregrine Falcon. Clark is a contributing author of two international science textbooks and a gifted public speaker who brings a fiery passion to her role at the helm of the Agents of Discovery team.
Clark’s professional career began in the Edmonton Public School system, where, after winning the Louise Mckinney Scholarship at the University of Alberta, she was nominated for the Edwin Parr Teacher Award for best first-year teacher. In her 10 years with the Edmonton Public School system and her subsequent career, Clark has continuously responded to gaps in complex systems with innovative solutions. In 1994, she led a city-wide campaign with Premier Ralph Klein to launch Kids Kottage in Edmonton, a respite care service to prevent child abuse and neglect. Clark has also worked alongside internationally renowned wildlife artist Robert Bateman for over a decade as the Director of the Get to Know Program, an initiative aimed at meaningfully engaging youth with the natural world through the creative arts. In addition, Clark has served for 20 years as the President of Morningstar Interactive, a company that develops educational digital media products. In 2015, Clark returned to school to earn her Master’s degree in Education, where her research explored the capacity of mobile educational gaming to improve the way students learn. Her findings underlie many of the strategies behind Agents of Discovery.Clark holds a B.Sc. (Honours) and B.Ed. from the University of Alberta, as well as a Master’s degree with a focus on Education Technology from the University of British Columbia.