Irene Sterian

Irene Sterian is the Founder, President & CEO of a not-for-profit tech organization, Refined Manufacturing Acceleration Process (ReMAP). As the architect of a $20M Business-Led Networks of Centres of Excellence, Irene has formed an integrated shared ecosystem to accelerate the commercialization of Canadian innovations. Through shared resources, dozens of start-ups, small-medium enterprises, large organizations, and top-notch research institutions from across Canada focus on hardware optimization, the development of advanced manufacturing solutions and electronics.

Irene Sterian is also the Director of Technology and Innovation at Celestica Inc., a multinational electronics manufacturing services company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. Over her 30-year career with IBM and Celestica, Irene has proven her technology leadership in innovation management, product realization, and global technology transfer – leveraging technology to solve today’s business challenges. Since joining Celestica in 1994, Irene has led large engineering teams to develop leading-edge research to overcome current technological barriers and drive new products and services for the global market.

Irene’s personal leadership acumen rests in her ability to effectively communicate and motivate others around her is what truly enables new challenges to be overcome and new pathways to be forged. Irene engages other business leaders, industry associations, and research institutions from around the world to develop technology roadmaps, industry standards and tangible electronics product solutions. As a trailblazer and Celestica intra-preneur, her work with environmentally safe and sustainable technology is a testament to her ability to lead at the forefront of technical innovation as well as lateral innovation.